Yacht renovation and improvements

We had been looking for a yacht for many years. Finally, the choices narrowed to an Oyster, model 485 which was on top of our preference list. This boat was commissioned in 1996 and in my opinion, was in fairly good condition. I listed the number of tasks to be done, but in the end, the amount of work almost doubled, so did the estimated cost of repair. The accomplishment of the majority of the most important repairs and services (listed below), took a whole year. Now the boat looks fantastic and is in better shape than ever before. 

The main tasks we have managed to complete

  • Soda blast of all the layers of antifouling collected over the past 24 years.
    Application of epoxy anti osmosis primer followed by application of Cuppercoat antifouling.
    Custom arch for solar panels and wind generators with davits for outboard and dinghy.
    Large service of the engine, homokinetic joint, thrust bearing and shaft seal, cutlass bearing replacement.
    Mast and boom - dismantling and painting with standing rigging replacement.
    Electrical installation service and battery bank replacement with extensive charging gear upgrade.
    Air conditioning and heating modernization and upgrade to independent control for each cabin.
    Full factory service of vacuum toilets and black water tanks with hoses replacement.
    Installation of new LED lights: navigation, indoor and outdoor.
    Major repair of the teak deck. Complete Sikaflex replacement with some planks and sanding.
    A major upgrade of navigation electronics including new wiring.
    MaxProp propeller service, Ambassador rope cutter replacement and though hull fittings replacement.
    A complete overhaul of the windlass with wiring switch controls replacement.
    Washing machine replacement and galley equipment upgrade with Termomix and Kitchenaid fitting.
    Hatches and portlights replacement with screens and blinds throughout.
    New communication gear. Station VHF, station HAM radio, hand VHF, hand short wawe radio and satellite IridiumGo.
    Fitting new heavy-duty cleats and fairleads custom made out of stainless steel.
    Fitting new Spectra Cape Horn 60 l/h watermaker with Z-Ion powerful disinfectant.

Soda blast

A very effective method of removing accumulated layers of antifouling paint. 4 hours was enough time to unveil the factory gelcoat.

Deck renovation

Old Sikaflex removing and cleaning the edges of planks is a work counted in weeks not hours. This is the hardest part of this job.